Congressional Panel Finds ‘No Evidence’ Of Collusion Between Trump Campaign, Russia

donald trump [Source: BBC]
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At every opportunity, in an ongoing attempt to discredit President Trump’s recent election, Democrats have been claiming the Trump campaign secretly worked with Russia—an extreme claim to make. Apparently, a Congressional panel just confirmed what many Americans have already known: the Democrats’ claims of a Trump-Russia collusion are bogus.

Democrats have continued down a losing path by “doubling-down” on failed strategies. The missed opportunities for Democrats to enliven their base began during the recent Democratic primaries, which saw insiders working against their strongest candidate—Bernie Sanders.

There’s been collusion in politics, but it wasn’t between Trump and the Russians. Clinton, Wasserman Schultz and other, DNC members crookedly worked to get Clinton the nomination at all costs. Rather than assessing their loss, they opted to make outrageous claims against Trump. Will they ever win again?

The irony of the Trump-Russia claims can be seen in the Democrats’ apparent, “close relationship” with Moscow. Clinton sold large amounts of uranium to Russians. Pictures have even been released, showing Nancy Pelosi meeting with a Russian ambassador—she claimed to have never met with. If there is collusion with Russians, it clearly involves Democrats.

“A congressional panel so far has found ‘no evidence’ that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, its chairman said Sunday, ahead of testimony by the head of the FBI on the US president’s potential, Russia ties.

Based on ‘everything I have up to this morning—no evidence of collusion,’ by Trump’s team and Moscow, Representative & House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told FOX News.

Nunes made his remarks one day before Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey is to face lawmakers on the panel, amid speculation that Trump aides and associates—and perhaps even the businessman-turned-politician himself—may have maintained uncomfortably close ties with Moscow.”

What will the president’s critics do now since it has been reported that there is no evidence of collusion between him and Russia? With anti-Trump rhetoric usually involving his connection to Russia, it will be interesting to see what fake accusations the Democrats think of next.


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