Congressman Refers To Rachel Maddow As ‘Sir’ During Live Broadcast

rachel maddow [Source: Slate]
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Rachel Maddow has been making headlines lately after telling the world she had an exclusive story on President Trump’s tax returns. As many viewers tuned in to hear the “big news“, it turned out that someone leaked a couple pages from the President’s 2005 tax return to her. The reveal lasted a long time, as she noticeably dragged her show on.

Maddow’s reveal stated, in 2005, Trump paid $38 million in taxes on the $150 million dollars he made. It was unexpected that the mainstream media would inform you of Trump paying roughly a quarter of his income in taxes—it’s actually a ton of money. Liberal Maddow actually made her “enemy,” Trump, look good. The Internet took to destroying her because of it.

In one quick swoop, the liberal host destroyed the left’s narrative that depicted Donald Trump out as a “tax evader” and someone who doesn’t pay his “fair share.”

As Maddow continues her Trump tax-returns effort (apparently, the non-story wasn’t enough), Congressman Bill Pascrell hilariously called her a “sir” in  recent interview. Maybe she is gender-neutral?

“MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was left even more embarrassed last night when a Congressman referred to her as a man during her live broadcast.

Wrapping up a segment about the need to investigate Trump’s tax returns (yes she’s still talking about that despite Tuesday night’s train wreck), Maddow thanked Congressman Bill Pascrell.

‘Thank you, sir,’ responded Pascrell, before quickly correcting himself and saying, ‘Maam.’

‘That’s alright, I answer to both; it’s actually quite convenient in really unexpected places—you’d be surprised,’ she responded.”

Why is Maddow continuing to embarrass herself by talking about Trump’s tax returns? The network must be drooling over Maddow’s high ratings from her original non-story and is too blind to realize their stupidity continues to give Americans more reasons to not trust the media.


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