Coulter Says Obama Should Testify Under Oath For Surveillance Reportedly Done On Trump

Ann Coulter [Source: Breitbart]
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Early Trump supporter and conservative author Ann Coulter “lit up” twitter Tuesday when she called on Obama to testify for the corrupt–and illegal–surveillance allegedly done by his National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Former President Barack Obama, who has lied countless times in the past, can face legal issues for perjury if he lies under oath about Trump’s surveillance. Making his lies a legal matter may force him to tell the truth. There is also a good chance that Susan Rice would face prison for the highly illegal actions against Donald Trump and those around him while he was a presidential candidate–if her surveillance orders are found to be true.

Rice’s scandal would be many times worse than The Watergate Sandal under Richard Nixon.

As recently reported, “Using the hashtag #PutObamaUnderOath, best-selling author and political pundit Ann Coulter tweeted that while knowing the truth about Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice allegedly ordering surveillance of President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign aides, Obama should also testify before Congress on the matter.

“Susan Rice testimony now essential, but insufficient,” Coulter tweeted on Tuesday. “Must hear from Obama.”

Whats even more surprising is that liberal media outlet CNN has been attempting to cover up the Rice scandal. As reported, “CNN Tonight’s Don Lemon went so far as to announce he would ignore the news at all costs.

While interviewing a Democratic congressman, CNN’s Chris Cuomo claimed it was “demonstrably untrue” Rice sought surveillance of the Trump team, even as that’s exactly what yesterday’s reports prove.”

Will Obama respond to Ann Coulter? If he says something negative, will the corrupt media even plan on covering it?



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