“Over our dead bodies”: This Ohio Conservative Is Taking On Liberals & Establishment GOP Over Sanctuary Cities

[Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel | Photo: David Kohl/AP]
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Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel is on a serious mission to prevent illegal immigrants from dumping more crime into his home. There’s just one problem—he’s the state’s treasurer.

[Photo: Citizens for Josh Mandel]
While Josh’s position may not entail illegal immigrants, that hasn’t stopped him from fighting Ohio Democrats in terms of Columbus and Cincinnati deciding to aid and abet illegals in escaping federal agents. Unfortunately, he’s about to tackle a bipartisan situation.

But that probably fueled Mandel’s mission—he’s running for US Senate. He thought about families who have suffered at the hands of illegals. Take San Francisco’s Kate Steinle, who was killed due to an illegal alien irresponsibly firing a gun—the bullet ricocheted and hit Steinle in the back. Her killer would’ve been behind bars had it not been for these “sanctuary cities.”

It was only 24 hours after Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley made the announcement that Mandel went to the fore with saying he would stop at nothing to prevent Cranley’s effort(s)—and any other relevant attempt in Ohio.

“You’re seeing the city of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, and the state coming together here, to say over our dead body will Cincinnati become a sanctuary city,” Mandel said at a press conference earlier in the year. “When a mayor like Mayor Cranley decides to publicly announce that he’s violating federal law, and that he’s going to make a city less safe against radical Islam and the threats we face, we have a responsibility as Americans (as citizens) to oppose this type of act from a mayor—from a politician,” he added.

[Photo: Phil Long/Associated Press]
Josh isn’t alone in his mission. Butler County’s Republican State Representative Candice Keller is working with Mandel to push a bill to quash sanctuary programs in Ohio. Rather than draining mayors of city funding, the two are going directly for the kill—their legislation would severely penalize mayors if/when illegal immigrants harm a US citizen. (Hey, if a mayor’s going to ultimately condone the crime, they should share the time.)

It’s not like big cities are the only spots encountering illegal-alien crime. In October 2016, it was discovered Milford, Mass. (pop. 27,000), is suffering the byproducts of passive immigration. “Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime,” Maureen Maloney told the media. An illegal killer her son. “Our family is permanently separated by his death.”

[Maureen Maloney & her late-son Matthew, who was hit by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant | Photo: The Maloneys]
Mandel’s bill would slap fourth-degree felony charges on all officials involved—an imperative move to ultimately keep illegals out. “We want to include as strong a deterrent as possible to ensure that liberal politicians and others in the political establishment are not making their cities sanctuary cities and are not putting their citizens in harm’s way,” he said in an interview. “For me, this issue is first and foremost about safety and security of families throughout the state of Ohio. I believe that we have a duty to learn everything we can from horrendous policies like those in San Francisco and make sure that they never come to the heartland.”

Safety’s only part of Mandel’s play—it equally entails “the Constitution and the rule of law.”

“Federal law is pretty clear that local-law enforcement has an obligation to report these illegal immigrants to federal-immigration authorities,” Mandel explained. “And the politicians who think that they’re above the law are putting local cops in a terrible position just to score political points with left-wing activists.”

Like many conservatives in Mandel’s position, support isn’t exactly heavy. He’s not just battling the “usual suspects” (e.g., activists, pro-borderless outfits and “those” media outlets); Mandel’s also looking at state-level GOPers reluctant (or staunchly against) to make necessary waves—even after those wigs made certain promises when campaigning.

[Source: Twitter/The News-Messenger]

“As usual, a lot of the squishy, moderate Republicans in Ohio are saying one thing to their constituents and doing another thing in Columbus,” Mandel added. “When they talk with conservative activists, they say they want to stop sanctuary cities; but when they run into me and other conservative leaders in the halls of the statehouse, they complain that we’re being too conservative.”

While Mandel’s historically the first Ohio treasurer to ever challenge such an issue, the kid has heart—possibly the chops to make it happen too. But this isn’t his first rodeo, as Mandel has gone up against other issues including Medicaid expansion and Common Core—his CC effort(s) stemmed from a kitchen-table conversation between him and two moms who home school their children. (Perhaps he does have the chops…)

“We had the political establishment laughing at us and ridiculing us. Then we motivated the grassroots conservatives around the state to start contacting their public officials,” Mandel said of his Common Core battle. “All of a sudden, the politicians in Columbus changed their tune.”

Josh is hoping for a similar outcome on this hurdle. “This is a place where I’m very famliar and very comfortable,” he added. “I’m used to taking on people in my own party when it means standing up for conservative principles and standing up for the Constitution.”

Ultimately, DIYers have more tenacity and persistence than those big-budget folks. Watch out for this kid—he’s living inspiration.


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