Democrat Leader Leads ‘F**k Trump’ Chant At Convention While Holding Up Two Middle Fingers

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It saddens me to know that so many Americans still buy into the lies of the Democrats. When we look back at all the evil they’ve done and all the negativity they’ve been injecting into the hearts of Americans you would think that most would have woken up. But that’s clearly not the case.

Democrats are still holding on strong to their sinking ship and refuse to let go.

But I don’t blame the followers. I blame the leaders. The Democrat leaders who spread their poison through the TV and ad campaigns. These are the real ones to blame.

Let’s look at one Democrat leader for example. At the 2017 California Democratic Convention over the weekend, California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton decided in his heart that it was a good idea to encourage obscenity. He made the crowd lift their two middle fingers to the air and chant “f*ck” Trump.

The Associated Press reports:

In a sign of the vigor of the party’s distaste for the president, outgoing party Chair John Burton, a longtime Democratic lawmaker and powerbroker known for his blunt and profane manner, extended two middle fingers in the air as the crowd cheered and joined him.

“F— Donald Trump,” he said.

But the obscenity doesn’t end there. Burton, a long-standing Democrat leader was recorded telling protestors to “shut the f**k up and go outside”

It’s sad that Democrats not only support this kind of behavior but also actively engage in it. As world leaders and role models, this kind of behavior is UNACCEPTABLE! I am very disappointed!

Source: The Blaze


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