Democrat Officials Getting Tired Of Hillary’s Whining

Hillary Clinton
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To say that Democrats took Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump pretty hard would be an understatement: it’s no secret left-wingers have come up with some wild ideas about how Trump must have “stolen” the election from their beloved Hillary. From Russian hackers to “fake news” to blaming the press, other politicians and practically everything in between, the left has clearly come up with all kinds of excuses for why Hillary lost. The liberals’ inability to deal with reality is practically unquestionable at this point. Lately, Democrats are struggling to endure with Hillary’s whining.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the whole ordeal, however, is Hillary Clinton and her ilk are behaving exactly as they said Donald Trump and his supporters would if he lost—like children.

Political pundit Jesse Watters recently made this astute observation—it couldn’t be more accurate. “Hillary is behaving exactly how Trump was going to behave if he lost,” Watters noted recently. Clinton’s array of excuses to explain her loss have been a hot topic lately, as she’s been blaming just about everyone but herself for her loss on Election Day. After all, it couldn’t possibly be her own fault that she lost. Watters commented that Clinton was “hatching conspiracy theories, saying the system is ‘rigged,’ blaming the media and blaming her own party.”

Apparently, Clinton forgot she and her cronies ridiculed Trump for expressing similar sentiments during the election. But many people also felt the mainstream media was explicitly favoring Clinton over Trump—so his comments were at least understandable. Clinton, however, may just be grasping at straws to save face.

Hypocrisy in politics? You don’t say.



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