Democrats Don’t Care About Young White People, Survey Shows

[Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty]
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New survey data from NBC News and GenForward shows that young, white people do not think the Democratic Party cares about their concerns. In fact, young, white millennials were the only subgroup to think the Democrats couldn’t care less about them.

How about that? Millennials have been considered a “critical” group for the party, but it seems their feelings on Democrats are lukewarm (at best).

The survey ran from August 31 through September 16—a “nationally representative” group of 1,816 adults between the ages of 18 and 34 were polled. A staggering 54 percent of millennials said they had an “unfavorable view” of the party—just 53 percent said the same of the Republican Party. When asked if they felt the Democratic Party “cares about people like you,” some 55 percent of white millennials responded with an emphatic “No,” while just 45 percent said “Yes.”

Conversely, a majority millennials from other demographics do feel the Democrats care about them. As reported, “69 percent of African Americans, 68 percent of Asian Americans and 60 percent of Latinos all felt the Democrats cared about them.”

While a majority of minority-group millennials seem to feel Democrats care about them, nearly a third or more of each group also indicated they did not feel The Left cared about them either. Thirty-one percent of African-Americans, 37 percent of Latinos and 30 percent of Asian-Americans said they did not feel the party cared about them—these percentages are quite sizable. As NBC News contends, these statistics seem to signal “Democrats have not convinced millennials the party best represents their interests.”

Clearly the Democrats are losing their footing among young people. Where are millennials turning instead? The Republican party didn’t fare too well in the survey either—though it was conducted on the heels of yet another media backlash against Trump.


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