Democrats Practice Voter Suppression To Get Higher Salaries, Benefits For Public Employees

[Source: The Political Carnival]
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Democrats love to claim that conservatives promote voter suppression for political gain, when it’s actually the left that engages in the unethical practice. The self-proclaimed champions of removing voting barriers and bolstering voter turnouts are shockingly dishonest–even for politicians.

The same party that is calling for higher turn-outs also encourages scheduling off-cycle elections that reduce voter turn out.

As reported, “Why do Democrats and Democratic-aligned groups prefer off-cycle elections? When school boards and other municipal offices are up for election at odd times, few run-of-the-mill voters show up at the polls, but voters with a particular interest in these elections — like city workers themselves — show up in full force. The low-turnout election allows their policy goals to dominate. “

Sarah Anzia, a political scientist and professor at University of California at Berkely explains that off-cycle elections generally lead to higher salaries and better retirement and healthcare plans for teachers and other public employees. While this is not necessarily bad, her finding shows that this is a direct result of holding municipal elections at times when fewer voters that don’t have a stake in the results are likely to show up.

Democrats routinely lambast Republicans for their support of voter ID laws, insisting that presenting ID to vote is a form of voter suppression–yet many democrats support off-cycle elections, potentially for the sole purpose of being able to further their goals. Better yet, the left-wing’s arguments for off-cycle elections are practically a mirror-image of the conservatives’ reasons for supporting voter ID laws: more educated and involved voters who care about their community.

While Democrats are loath to admit it, off-cycle voting is just their approved brand of “voter suppression.”



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