Disgraced, Liberal Governor Wants To Start Prosecuting 20-Year Olds As Adults

Liberal Governor Dannel P. Malloy [Source: WSJ]
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Liberal Governor Dannel P. Malloy has destroyed the state of Connecticut. After elected, he served up some of the biggest tax hikes in their history to his New Englanders. This resulted in major companies (e.g., General Electric) leaving due to the anti-business climate he created. It would be an understatement to say it’s hard to get ahead in such a burdened state.

Many people think Connecticut’s a wealthy New England state, but they actually have some of the most crime-ridden cities in the nation. High taxes and crime are what the government seems to offer there—throw in the recent “sanctuary state” status the governor is pushing for. It is no wonder the National Review called Malloy “Americas Worst Governor.”

In office due to voter fraud?

What’s even more horrifying is the liberal governor appears to maintain his office due to legitimate cases of voter fraud. It seems the only way to get ahead in Connecticut is to break the law. Now, the Governor wants to change the age of citizens who are prosecuted as adults from 18-to-20 years old. Maybe it will help his incarceration statistics?

“The reasoning for this change rests on scientific research concluding that the human brain has not completely developed until a person is well into their 20s or even 30s.

In order to facilitate this change, Malloy’s bill creates a category for 18-20-year-old defendants called “young adults.” If criminals fall into this category, their jail time would be limited to a maximum of four years. Connecticut would be the first state in the country with such a policy.”


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