Donald Trump Defends “Absolute Right” To Share Information With Russia—Amid Classified Row-Over Intelligence

[President Trump with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. | Source: NBCNews]
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Upon paranoia spreading after President Trump’s meeting with Russian official, the US Commander-In-Chief stated it is his “absolute right” to share top-secret information for “humanitarian reasons”—as well as motivation for Russia to raise its bar in the battle against Isil.

[Video: courtesy of The Telegraph]

At a White House conference with both Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergie Kislyak, President Trump disclosed very sensitive intel. The Washington Post claimed in doing so, the president risked an asset privy to details of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant nemeses. The Post also availed unknown, US-government members.

Should the allegations be true, US-intelligence assets might fall into the realm of doubt.

However, Team Trump labeled such touts as “false”—with both Democrats and Republicans growing paranoid from President Trump informing Russians of top-security-clearance information.

[Source: Twitter/Donald J. Trump]

“I was in the room, it didn’t happen,” National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said in a statement to the media.

Even with McMaster stepping up to the plate, President Trump boldly jumped on social media and assertively explained his words with Lavrov & Kislyak—at the possible expense of McMaster’s claim. “As President, I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled [White House] meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety,” he availed—amid his assortment of posts.

[President Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov | Photo: AFP]
Upon terminating former-FBI Director James Comey, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak visited the president at the Oval Office. It has been said that Comey’s dismissal could have negative effects on the US’s Isil asset.

In response to it all, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov ultimately dismissed it as “nonsense.” “For us it is not an issue; it’s more nonsense,” Peskov said in reference to The Washington Post’s article. “We want nothing to do with this nonsense. It’s not an issue for confirming or denying—it’s complete nonsense,” Peskov stressed.

The Details In Question

Supposedly, President Trump disclosed top-security intelligence. Amid his conference with Larov and Kislyak, the president deviated from the planned topics and tangentially spoke of Isil’s danger in terms of portable, electronic devices on airplanes. Further, an official told The Post that Trump “revealed more information to the Russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies.”

[Video: courtesy of The Telegraph]

“I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day,” President Trump said to Lavrov and Kislyak (according to claims).

The intel asset did not clear the exchange between Washington and Moscow. The New York Times learned officials were concerned of Russia learning of intel-gathering methods. But even if so, it’s doubtful President Trump has incurred any illegalities—he is Commander-In-Chief, which enables him to declassify any intelligence.

Democrats & Republicans Grow Paranoid

Head Democratic Senator Dick Durbin felt President Trump’s diplomatic manner fell into the realm of irresponsible. “This conduct by the president is not only dangerous, it’s reckless. It is reckless for him to disclose to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador, sensitive, top-secret information,” Senator Durbin said in a statement to the media. Durbin further explained the president is privy to all top-security intel, but the senator was anticipatory of Republicans stressing to Trump his behavior “jeopardises our national security.”

But even Republicans had their share of worry, as Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) expressed that Team Trump “has got to do something soon to bring itself under control and order. … Obviously, they’re in a downward spiral right now, and they have to figure out a way to come to grips with all that’s happening.”

[President Trump, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (L) and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak (R) | Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry/AP]
Corker added national security being strong and excelling, however, “the chaos that is being created by the lack of discipline—it’s creating an environment that I think creates a worrisome environment.”

Team Trump Label Claims As “False”

Team Trump jumped on these allegations, immediately booting intelligence-sharing accusations. “This story is false. The president only discussed the common threats that both countries faced,” Deputy National Security Strategy Adviser Dina Powell said, as she was present during the conference.

In addition McMaster’s statement, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson explained that at the conference, the president spoke on “the nature of specific threats,” “but they did not discuss sources, methods or military operations.”

President Trump remains confident—as show in this February, Twitter post:

[Source: Twitter/Donald J. Trump]

Nevertheless, a media horde flocked to the White House—clusters of journalism camps amid the night. Press Secretary Sean Spicer noticed reporter goons outside his office.

One journo recalls seeing a gang of White House folks entering the Cabinet Room—Spicer and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders were among them.

“He Has No Filter”

A press camper could barely make out the insulate sound of raised voices emitting from the Cabinet—they posted to Twitter right away. However, upon Team Trump’s press discovering this, they upped the volume on their TV—to the point of them not being heard at all.

According to Reuters, US officials are no strangers to fear of sharing top-security information to President Trump.

[Source: Twitter/Donald J. Trump]

According to one official: “He has no filter; it’s in one ear and out the mouth.”

An informed Trump-Russia official opined the conference’s information leak was “particularly unfortunate”—mainly due to President Trump’s following visit with fellow anti-Isil advocate, Turkish President Tayvip Erdogan.

President Trump’s first away meeting happened recently as well—spots such as Islamic State enemy Saudi Arabia. On May 25th, he’ll be attending a Brussels-based NATO conference—among other US advocates.


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