Don’t Mock Mike Pence For Protecting His Marriage—Commend Him. Liberals Horrified To Learn VP Pence Doesn’t Dine Or Drink Strictly With Women Who Aren’t His Wife—They Shouldn’t Be.

[Vice President Mike Pence with his family on Pennsylvania Avenue | Photo: Alex Brandon/AP]
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The media has certainly shut down the tradition of doing features on wives of presidents and vice presidents. However, The Washington Post did do a feature on her—no political messages were really conveyed (just a profile). Everything seemed the norm.

That was until The Post’s journalist made some interesting choices when posting it on social media:

[Source: Twitter/Ashley Parker]
The above Tweet was just a slice of various methods Parker used to advertise her article—but this one reached viral levels. No matter their political bias, everyone took the headline to be mockery of The Pences’s marriage. Check out these Liberal Tweeters’ posts:

[Source: Twitter/Philip Sherburne]

[Source: Twitter/(((Joshua Malina)))]


[Source: Twitter/Jason O. Gilbert]

[Source: Twitter/Xeni Jardin]

[Source: Twitter/Elizabeth Spiers]

There’s a never-ending fountain of these. Even Mother Jones EIC Clara Jeffrey weighed in, trying to throw Pence under the sexist bus via a manipulated version of the vice president simply making an effort to be a great husband.

There were even Tweeters who ultimately crucified Vice President Pence for referring to his wife as “mother (they do have kids),” but those posts aren’t appropriate to feature—they really did go to town with Parker’s Tweet. While some parents may not use “mother” and “father” monikers, it’s certainly not a foreign practice in the US—perhaps the haters should educate themselves and take in more North American culture (e.g., Americana).

This is obviously a clear-cut case of misperception spring boarding from a manipulated platform. What’s truly wrong with a man who’s only interested in having private dinners with the woman he married? Is it really a problem for a husband to drink only in the presence of his wife? (No, it’s not.) The take-away point is Pence isn’t into arousing suspicion in his wife—disloyalty is a fear in most marriages. Further, the vice president is making an effort to counter it. (Perhaps these haters are projecting their marital issues onto Pence, as they might hate their own lives.)

Then again, maybe they’re neither familiar with temptation nor come across news articles entailing cheating spouses. Maybe they’re totally perfect when drinking around non-spouse others. When inebriated, people tend to make mistakes—that’s why there are support groups for certain issues. But maybe the haters are just squeaky-clean folks, standing on a “pious height” while wagging their finger.

[Vice President Mike Pence with wife Karen at the the 2017 AIPAC Convention in Washington, DC. | Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images]
In a strong marriage, people practice rigorous honesty—e.g., communicating when they’re having dinner and/or drinking with their respective opposites. They also practice a healthy amount of intimacy—hopefully this part doesn’t need explanation. This aspect requires couples to spend a lot of time in close proximity of each other—thoughts aren’t always effective.

To that end, in Emily Belz’s 2010 World Magazine article, she mentioned then-Congressman Pence. When Pence won the 2000 election, he took his family with him—an ultimately wise decision. Mrs. Pence even was even quoted as saying, “Not only do my kids need Mike, Mike needs the kids.”

Making inappropriate comments on The Pences would be different if society wasn’t falling prey to divorce and infinitely many people didn’t cheat. Mockery might also be acceptable if all humans didn’t struggle to do what’s right. Nevertheless, Mike Pence is being a good husband who wants his wife to accompany him where he’s needed—he ultimately escapes marital pitfalls. Mike Pence is an inspiration to every marriage and family.


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