European Union’s Highest Court Rules To Ban Muslim Hijab From The Workplace

hijab [Woman wearing hijab | Source: VICE]
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Much of Europe has been destroyed by the EU, which has forced Muslim migrants into countries, and its twisted, globalist leadership. It is argued Brexit was a direct result of the European Union’s open-border policies. Natives are sick of their countries being transformed into violent cesspools. Not all Europeans are okay with their culture and values being at stake. Many are overwhelmingly against migrants, “safe zones” and the hijab.

How can a nation have its people’s best interests in mind when they allow rapists and murders into their country? In various, European countries, many regions resemble the Middle East. Even London’s mayor is a Muslim who voted to ban images of women on subways. Make no mistake, there is a Muslim invasion happening across Europe.

Take the hijab for example. This article of clothing is known to be a sign of female oppression in the Muslim world. To Muslims, women could be argued as being equivalent to cattle. This doesn’t mix with civilized society, so it’s no wonder why the hijab continues to be controversial.

In a shocking turn of events, the European Union’s highest court ruled the hijab be banned from the workplace if/when a company doesn’t want its employees to wear the Muslim headscarf. The ban is being attributed to laws about wearing visible,forbidden, religious symbols.

“Politicians on the right have welcomed a ruling by the EU’s highest court that allows companies to ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols, as a long-awaited legal judgment ricocheted into the French and Dutch election campaigns.

In its first decision on the issue of women wearing Islamic headscarves at work, the European court of justice in Luxembourg ruled the garments could be banned but only as part of a general policy barring all religious and political symbols.”

[Woman wearing hijab | Source: VICE]
Is the EU scared for their future after Brexit caused many other countries to examine their own possible “exits” from the globalist organization? People are sick of Islam—it’s violent, oppressive and doesn’t mix with a civilized society.


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