Even Michael Moore Admits The Democratic Party Is Failing Miserably

[Source: Barry King/Getty Images]
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You know things are getting bad for the Democrats when highly notable, liberal-advocate Michael Moore slams the entire party for being a failure. The well-known, Left-wing activist took to Twitter to publicly shame the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the House campaign:

Moore went on to underscore how the Democratic establishment and “grassroots liberals” continue to be at odds, which does little to help the party and only contributes to their continued losses in special elections.

Moore became especially incensed after the DNC and other groups spent millions upon millions of dollars in an attempt to secure a win in Georgia’s special election. But in the end, the Republican candidate won anyways—another loss for the liberals. Sources say Moore is not alone in his anger and discontent with the Democratic party, noting their continued losses in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s botched presidential election—more Democrats are growing impatient with the party.

Despite the outpouring of liberals showing up to anti-Trump protests, Democratic candidates have lost all four special elections this season.

While Michael Moore attributes much of this to the party’s failure to recuperate and come up with a new strategy, many people would say the “grassroots” liberal movement’s strategy of attacking non-liberals definitely isn’t garnering them any new fans.

It often seems these “grassroots liberals” resort to calling their political opponents racists, misogynists, homophobes and whatever other “isms” and “phobias” they can think of, in an effort to “shame” them. Didn’t we learn (back in grade school) name-calling doesn’t get you what you want? The fact is they are not winning anyone’s votes with their intolerance and hatred—and most of them are too blind to see it.


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