Ex-Terrorist Who Led ‘Women’s March’ Will be Deported

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A couple weeks ago I wrote about Rasmea Odeh. She was one of the people responsible for the women’s march “A Day Without A Woman” that occurred earlier this month. But after further inspection into her life it was found that she was a convicted terrorist from Palestine for two terror attacks in Israel. Despite spending 10 years in prison for terrorism in Israel, she was still able to get US citizenship in 2004 after lying about her past.

Her lies were eventually found out in 2014 when she was convicted of immigration fraud for the falsehoods. And now, according to Heat Street, the ex-terrorist and activist is being deported from the US because of it. Odeh accepted the plea bargain that would allow her to be deported as opposed to sentenced to prison. This is according to a statement on Thursday by the Rasmea Defense Committee.

Odeh will be sent back to her home country of Jordan and will no longer have US citizenship.

Odeh led the women’s march  “A Day Without A Woman” where she urged women all around the world join in a “new wave of militant feminist struggle.”

Her plea to women got a lot of attention but also brought some of her demons out in the open too. It was reported that she had a role in two terrorist attacks in Israel, one of which saw the death of two students shopping for groceries in an Israeli supermarket in 1969.

She confessed to planting the bomb that killed the two students in 1969 but later claimed that she made the confession under torture. Israeli officials disagree.

Odeh didn’t mention her past convictions when applying for US citizenships and was able to get it. And when it was found out that she lied she claimed Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder caused her to forget her “traumatic past”.

Now, it doesn’t matter what Odeh “claims” anymore because very soon she will be forever off of US soil and unable to cause any problems. A woman as dangerous as her should never be allowed to be anywhere near humans.


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