F-35 Can’t Believe How Much The Military Spends On Transgender Troops

[F-35 Lightening II | Source: Airforce-Technology.com]
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Amid President Trump’s announcement to ban transgender folks from enlisting, the heated controversy blasted down to even the military’s equipment itself. One F-35 pontificated on Trump’s Twitter feed entailing medical costs, which sent the fighter plane into a disgruntled disposition. “They spend how much on transgender medical services? $8.4 million? My God, that’s like four screws and a couple of bolts on my ejection seat,” the F-35 ranted while shooting Johnny Walker Green as it was on break in the hangar. “I’m so glad Trump is ending this disgraceful waste of military spending.”

[Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightening II | Source: DuffelBlog.com]
Upon taking a cue from previous presidents and following advisement from his military leaders, President Trump hopped on Twitter with a string-loaded declaration. With the Pentagon still lost in assessment, inquiries boomeranged to the White House—arguing ensued…

But F-35 stands with President Trump, as it and other jets need every tax dollar possible to stay in the sky—maintenance is actually cheaper… Ultimately, that money can be continued to put toward the wasteful effort in Afghanistan.
“I can’t believe they’re going to pay $140,000 just for some guy to get his dick chopped off, when they could use that money to keep me in the air for 10 whole seconds,” F-35 vented.

Afghanistan-stationed Spc. Jason Bingham, who’s part of the Pentagon’s $1-million-annually project, threw in his proverbial two cents on the matter. “Doesn’t the DoD have better things to spend its money on? With this money going to transgender people, we could get like two bombs to drop on the Taliban that would have no, strategic impact.”

Either way, taxpayer dollars are clearly being spent while government officials struggle to find a solution—to a lot of things.


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