Failed Obama Policy: Syrian Defector Claims Assad Kept “Hundreds of Tons” Of Chemical Weapons

mainstream media obama [Source: NPR]
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In the past, the Obama administration publicly praised themselves for what they claimed was a “victory” in Syria. Their win, of course, ended up being arguably US history’s most corrupt administration just telling another lie. What exactly did the Obama administration say? Apparently, they forced Assad to get rid of his chemical weapons. Now, despite Obama’s claims, a Syrian defector is claiming Assad kept “hundreds of tons” of chemical weapons.

According to Trump’s administration, the recent chemical-weapons attack in Syria  was Assad attacking his own people—apparently undeniable information obtained by US intelligence.

It is now clear Assad’s weapons weren’t a recent purchase; the Obama administration wasn’t accurate in previous statements regarding Syria’s chemical-weapons stockpile. The Obama administration was wrong, and the mistake has ended with the murder of innocent Syrians.

Was the Obama administration lying when they claimed Assad no longer had chemical weapons, or were they just incompetent? Unfortunately, it’s probably a mixture of lies and incompetence—if the administrations previous actions are taken into consideration.

As reported, “Obama’s failed approach to the no-win Syria conflict grew worse when then-Secretary of State John Kerry gaffed his way into a fanciful new, US policy under which Assad and his patrons in Moscow agreed to remove ‘all’ of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles in order to stave off any potential international consequences. This deal was hailed as a grand diplomatic accomplishment but has consistently been exposed as a sham. Just this past weekend, former-Obama Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the gap between the former president’s bellicose rhetoric and feckless inaction sent a ‘message of weakness to the world.’”

Since President Trump took office, he has been forced to “clean up” Obama-administration messes. As the US comes closer to possible war with Syria (and North Korea), it’s hard to not wonder why the previous administration was so negligent with foreign policy.



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