Fake News: Washington Post Quietly Rewrites False Hit Piece On Republican Congressman

washington post [Source: Huffington Post]
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The Washington Post recently put out an article bashing a republican congressman from Texas, Unfortunately, the hit piece had enough inaccuracies to be called “fake news.”

Fake news and hit pieces are something republicans–and conservatives in general–have become accustomed to when dealing with the corrupt mainstream media. Now, in a hilarious “hit piece gone wrong,” the lies were so blatant that a quiet rewrite needed to be done. This was after the Washington Post refused to write “what he actually said, then mocked Breitbart for shoddy journalism.”

Apparently.the mainstream media knows no shame as they continue to be hostile towards those who have an opinion differing from the liberal ideologies they push.

Congressman Jodey Arrington was the target of the hit piece, which involved a biblical reference. The author of the piece, Caitlin Dewey, falsely claimed that Rep. Arrington was using the bible to “bash poor people.” It makes sense that bringing the bible into the article’s lies isn’t off limits; liberals hate Christians.

As reported, “Caitlin Dewey’s initial write-up in the paper (which recently adopted the slogan “Democracy Dies In Darkness”) did not include a single quote from the Texas representative she basically accused of using the Bible to justify taking food from starving people. The story also incorrectly referred to “2 Thessalonians 3-10,” and wildly mischaracterized Rep. Jody Arrington’s statements on the verse.

While Arrington did reference 2 Thessalonians 3:10 (The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat) in a discussion of food stamps, he did not, as The WaPo article suggested, use it to argue unemployed people should not be allowed to eat.”

New lows appear to always be reached by the mainstream media, but refusing to write what the subject of a piece said–to attack them–is a special kind of corrupt. It’s even worse when the bible is brought into the equation.





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