FBI Director James Comey To Testify On Wiretapping, Russia

james comey [Source: Forbes]
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FBI Director James Comey is a household name after the recent, presidential election, where he is believed by many Democrats to have aided to Hillary Clinton’s loss. This is due to Comey writing a letter informing Congress that Clinton was still under investigation in an email probe—just days before the general election.

Comey’s letter was done against the Department of Justice’s concerns. But the DOJ has a history of being politicized in the favor of Democrats, so it wasn’t a surprise the department would be against an action that would hurt their candidate.

Although the action would make one believe Comey may have secretly been a supporter of then-candidate Trump, since the election, there has been no obvious instance of Trump support. In fact, Comey has been reported as asking the Department of Justice to reject President Trump’s recent wiretapping claims. The president tweeted that President Obama tapped Trump Tower during the election. Comey is doing everything in his power to make sure the claim is discredited.

Now, Comey is set to testify before a House committee over the claim of wiretapping and Russian “activity during the 2016 presidential election.”

“The Justice Department on Friday gave the House intelligence committee requested information about Trump’s claim of being wiretapped during the presidential election.

‘The president doesn’t go and physically wiretap something,’ [California Republica Devin Nunes] said. ‘But the other issue out there is the unmasking of names, the leaking of names. That happened to [former National Security Adviser] Michael Flynn. The concern we have is: Are there any other surveillance activities in the unmasking of names?’

Comey has made little public comment on the issue, which has resulted in congressional lawmakers accusing him of stonewalling them.”

Is James Comey‘s next target Trump? His silence has had many wondering just what information he has on the past election, wiretapping claims. It appears we may have all the answers shortly.


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