Fourteen, Obnoxious Reactions To Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal

[Dlibert on climate change | Illustration: Scott Adams]
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Many have flipped out upon President Trump pushing for the United States to exit the Paris Climate Treaty.

Should the US conform, the nation’s taxpayers would be throwing billions to third-world leaders. Other side effects include manufacturing-costs increase, which would ultimately cause US companies to struggle in their competition with China businesses—they’ve a far smaller stake in the Paris deal.

Nevertheless, the paranoia has run rampant among those who see the president’s option as a serious mistake—case in point:

1. “A Traitorous Act of War”

Billionaire and quasi-environmentalist Tom Steyer touted the US’s exit would be a “traitorous act of war.” (Why don’t you pay the fees, Mr. Steyer?)


[Source: Twitter/Tom Steyer]

2. Civilization Gone

…love how Scientific American alluded to planet Earth instantly turning to a barren wasteland of nothingness.

[Source: Twitter/Scientific American]

3. Trump Is the Cause of Polar Melting

Of course The Washington Post jumped in on this—President Trump apparently was behind this disaster (headline: “A Huge Crack Across One of Antarctica’s Largest Ice Shelves Is Nearing Breaking Point”):

[Video: courtesy of Reuters]

Somebody please correlate this with President Trump’s considering the US’s options when it comes to the Paris agreement. Regardless, WaPo felt the need to weigh in:

“The prospect of an enormous iceberg afloat in the seas around Antarctica could draw further attention to the threat of climate change at a time when President Trump is considering whether to exit the Paris agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Jesus Chrysler…

4. “Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow”

The Hill appropriately juxtaposed a grand-standing photo of Democratic, Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff with his opinion on how tomorrow’s society will look back on what Trump did:

[Source: Twitter/The Hill]

5. Science Is A Doozy

The infamous Neil deGrasse Tyson implied Team Trump isn’t edjamacated to the level needed to understand science stuff—they ain’t so bright.

[Source: Twitter/Neil deGrasse Tyson]

But consider Tyson once fabricated quotes in order to appear more intelligent and consistently struggles with simple math. “Really, dude, really—you’re a scientist?”

6. Power In Numbers

Actress Patricia Arquette brilliantly mentioned a class-action lawsuit to thwart Trump taking North America out of a voluntary deal.

[Source: Twitter/Patricia Arquette]

It’s going to be okay, Patricia—just put your head down and relax.

7. The Vatican’s Gonna Regulate—Vatican Style

Pope Francis’s number two felt the move to be a “slap in the face” to the Vatican due to Trump standing in the way of the US punishing itself via bringing satisfaction to Europe’s upper class.

[Source: Twitter/Crux]

8. By Your Logic, You’re Already Dead—Nobody Cares…

A writer/activist posted that Trump’s decision will end all life on the planet.

[Source: Twitter/Trita Parsi]

Did he say something? Nah…couldn’t have…dead.

9. Trump No Longer Cares About America

The Sierra Club’s certain President Trump has left us for greener pastures.

[Source: Twitter/Sierra Club]


[Clip via]

10. What About Birth Control, People?

The Atlantic’s Annie Lowrey knows how to stay on point.

[Source: Twitter/Annie Lowrey]

11. Fox News Is Detrimental to Earth

More from The Washington Post—this time, it’s Erik Wemple: “Fox & Friends is a planetary threat.”

Apparently, due to the morning edition featuring a conservative guest sharing a personal assessment of climate change, Fox News is all for Earth’s destruction. (No, it’s not some bit from The Onion; check out the sensationalism here.)

12. “Drop Dead,” Earth

HuffPo figured this headline was compelling—but they’ve the mentality and maturity of high-school kids:

[Source: Twitter/Oliver Darcy]

13. Another Trump-Is-Racist [Ir]rationale

Way to play the race card “appropriately,” ACLU.

[Source: Twitter/ACLU National]

14. Epic Fail for Humans

In “The Bizarro World,” The Wall Street Journal’s Christopher Mim’s posts would be logical.

[Source: Twitter/Christopher Mims]

There’s a difference between democracy and insanity—some folks struggle to tell the two apart.


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