FREEDOM: Brexit Bill Entering Its Final Stages

theresa may brexit [Theresa May | Source: Daily Express]
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In 2016, the world seemingly turned upside down when the UK voted to exit the European Union. Brexit didn’t just shock the world; it proved to be the beginning of the end for globalists worldwide. This, of course, was a good thing; the European Union is a global organization that believes in open borders. But an open-borders philosophy isn’t intelligent at a time when radical Islamists are on a “jihad” against the world.

After Brexit’s victory, many analysts believed Donald Trump had a good chance at winning the United States Presidency—they were quite accurate. Change was in the air, and nationalism was growing in countries whose people quickly saw violent “migrants” destroying their cultures.

In response to Brexit, many are questioning the future of the EU—other countries want out. The vote has had a domino effect in bringing the want of self-governance back into the hands of the people. They can and will decide what they want and not have a group of unelected Brussels-based bureaucrats decide their future.

Now, almost a year after the vote, Brexit’s bill appears to be entering its final stages. It won’t be long before the UK’s future returns to where it rightfully belongs—to it’s people.

“Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to trigger Brexit this week by formally informing the European Union of Britain’s intention to leave the bloc, sending her country into uncharted waters.

theresa may brexit
[Theresa May | Source: Daily Express]

The legislation empowering May to put Britain on a course that no member state has ever taken returns to parliament for its final stages on Monday as European capitals prepare for mammoth negotiations.

After heated debate and a delay in the upper House of Lords, the bill could win final approval by both Houses by Monday evening—leaving May’s path clear to begin Brexit whenever she wants.”

Lets hope the other countries that want out of the European Union are able to have their own “Brexits“—the future of Europe depends on it.


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