Georgia Bill Seeks To Inform Public When ICE Releases Criminal Aliens

mexican gang members [Source: Hidden Americans]
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The public hasn’t been properly informed about criminal aliens. If average citizens were aware of what really goes on in our country (in terms of the levels of criminal activity by illegal immigrants) Trump wouldn’t have taken such a beating in the media when he rightfully said Mexico isn’t sending their best. Now, to battle the “misinformation by silence,” there is a Georgia bill expected to be passed (in roughly two weeks) that will inform citizens when ICE releases criminal aliens.

It’s horrible that illegals aren’t adhering to our laws. It’s downright offensive for politically motivated folks to hide illegals’ crimes from the public. Luckily, this type of bias reporting should become a thing of the past—if it’s up to the Georgia lawmakers.

Georgia’s politicians are seeking to pass a bill that will enable the public to always know when illegal-alien criminals are released. The information will undoubtedly shock Democrats who believe illegals are just in the United States to work. Actually, these illegal visitors make up a large portion of the prison population.

“This is all in response to President Trump’s executive order on interior-immigration enforcement, which directed DHS to, among other things, ‘make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens.’

Rather than wait for the feds, lawmakers in Georgia have decided to move ahead along similar lines to avail information on criminal aliens. Legislation is working its way through the state legislature that would require the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to share with the public information—already being provided to it by ICE—on criminal aliens released from federal custody.”

Hopefully, the Georgia bill gets passed, so the public can wake up to the fact illegal aliens account for much of the criminal world.


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