Germany Is Now Confiscating Homes To Use For Merkel’s Migrants!

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Remember when President Trump refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hands? Well, the reason is actually more obvious than most think — Merkel is detrimental to the free world.

The decisions that she made as Chancellor have been so bad that just shaking her hand would be a disgrace.

Now, we all had faith that Merkel would have changed her ways after she met with Trump but it seems like she’s only getting worse.

According to reports from the Gateway Pundit, Germany will now be seizing homes in Germany to turn into migrant shelters.

German officials have actually already seized six residential units in Hamburg, owned by private landlords. These homes have reportedly been vacant since 2012 and in really bad shape so in order to deal with the housing shortage the German government will renovate the homes and rent them out to migrants.

And it may seem like a good idea but let’s consider that the actual owners of the properties won’t have any say in the matter. According to a new addition to the Hamburg Housing Protection Act (Hamburger Wohnraumschutzgesetz) any house that has been vacant for more than four months is liable to be seized by the government. (THIS IS CRAZY!!)

Another thing to consider is this…….WHAT ABOUT GERMAN CITIZENS?

There is a housing shortage and instead of putting things in place to ensure that all German citizens have a place to stay she is instead housing immigrants.

I can agree that migrants are people and deserve love and care but as the leader of a country, it is important that you put the needs of the citizens above the needs of everyone else. A leader is elected by the people FOR THE PEOPLE.

This is crazy and I really hope that Merkel gets clobbered in the upcoming German elections. She is clearly not fit to run a country.

Source: Gateway Pundit



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