Glenn Kessler Calls Out Hillary Clinton For Misleading Tweet

[Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty]
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Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler has stirred up the liberal mob by daring to call out an inaccurate claim former-presidential-candidate Hillary Clinton made. In a tweet posted on October 2, Clinton chose to use the Las Vegas shooting incident as a platform to push for more gun control.

She wrote, “The crowd fled at the sound of gun shots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants t make easier to get.”

[Source: Twitter/Hillary Clinton]

In response, Kessler pointed out that despite the name, silencers do not in fact make gunfire “silent.” In his tweet, Kessler likened the gun-silencer sound to that of a jack hammer. “Actually, even with ‘a silencer,’ it’s pretty loud. An AR-15 rifle would have a noise equivalent to a jack hammer,” he tweeted.

[Source: Twitter/Glenn Kessler]

From there, the angry, liberal mob took off like wild fire. One user, “Dude Kembro,” responded to Kessler’s post with this this gem: “Another Hillary-hating, white-male-supremacist Russian bot, spreading right-wing lies and bullcrap propaganda, per usual.”

[Source: Twitter/Dude Kembro]

Another Clinton-supporter fired back at Kessler, declaring “You’re not helping, Glenn.”

[Source: Twitter/Dave Haglund]

Those pesky facts…always getting in the way of the liberal agenda.

Earlier this year, Kessler fact-checked another, silencer claim Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) made. Gillibrand claimed, “when someone gets shot by a gun with a silencer, it’s quiet. Witnesses might not hear. Police will be less likely to track down the shooter.” Kessler gave the senator’s claim a rating of “Three Pinocchios”—i.e., it’s mostly false and used his familiar jackhammer analogy.

It’s just wrong to use a tragedy such as this to push your political agenda. Clinton didn’t even try to hide her motives; she’s just using “what-if” scenarios to prey upon an emotional public. What ever happened to locking her up?


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