GUN CONTROL FAIL: San Bernardino School Shooter Was Prohibited From Owning Guns

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Does gun control actually work? Well, all the folks lobbying for more gun control legislation seem to think so and the San Bernardino school shooting is their rallying cry. But even though the shooting was very tragic it shouldn’t be a strong verdict for stronger gun control legislation. This is because the shooter Cedric Anderson was already banned from using a gun due to his criminal past. He was facing the full brunt of gun control legislation.

So, the San Bernardino school shooting is actually an instance where strong gun control did not work! Anderson was prohibited by law from having a gun but yet still, he had one. According to police Chief Jarrod Burguan, some of the criminal charges on Anderson’s record are for domestic violence, weapons, and drug charges.

And in 2016, Anderson wrote a post about why people kill: “The truth of the matter is when people get fed up, people get killed! It’s the folks who think they have nothing to lose with their evil ways that put innocent people at risk to die! Most fed up people kill the innocent. ISIS, Bad Cops, Mass Killers, Domestic Violence Killers.”

Dana Loesch who is relatively popular in the world of conservative ideology sums the situation quite well in a post on Facebook:

“Cedric Anderson, the murderer who shot and killed his wife at her school job in a murder-suicide, was a prohibited possessor whose record includes weapons, drug, assault and battery, domestic violence, and brandishing charges. There is no way on earth he could have legally purchased a firearm. So tell me, ghoulish anti-gun tragedy pimps, what law would have prevented this awful crime? Why do you always ignore that repeat offenders like this fear NO deterrence, are easily put on the streets to reoffend? Cedric Anderson wasn’t an NRA member, so why blame the NRA or lawful gun owners?”

What do you think? Do you think gun control works? Let me know on Facebook or in the comments section below.

Source: American Lookout


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