Hillary Goes All In: Harder to Get Elected As A Woman Than An African-American Man

hillary clinton Source: NBC News
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The only thing Hillary Clinton would ever be president of is the United States of Delusions.

Even today, months after her 2016-election defeat, she still believes misogyny is the reason she lost. But we all know that is a whole lot of nonsense.

Clinton seems determined to blame everyone and everything for her loss but herself. Now, she is going as far as to say it is harder for a woman to get elected as president than an African-American man. During her interview on NBC’s Today, she said:

“I think there’s a lot of evidence and a lot of research supporting the idea that race is a much more motivating factor for voters than gender is.

I write in the book about an incredible conversation I had with Sheryl Sandberg, who has done so much work to really untangle what it is…what you have to do to be successful and what is tinged, if not effected by sexism. She says the research is absolutely clear—the more professionally successful a man becomes, the more likable he is. The more professionally successful a woman becomes, the less likable she is.

And the more a woman is in service for someone else—you know when I was secretary of state, I came out of that job with I think a 69-percent approval rating because I was in service to my country. I was in service to our president. I was proud to do it—but when a woman walks into the arena and says, ‘I’m going for this myself,’ it really does have a dramatic effect…”

This interview proves once again just how much of a crappy person Clinton is. If someone can’t take responsibility for their own negligence, how can they be fit to run a country? I will have a lot more respect for Clinton if she just comes out and actually speaks the truth for once in her life. The reason she lost is she is nasty, nasty woman.

You can see Clinton’s interview in the video below:

[Source: YouTube/Today]

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