Hawaii Is Suing Trump Admin For Discrimination As They Discriminate Against Their Own People

trump [Source: CBS News]
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Hawaii likes to discriminate against people who aren’t “Native Hawaiians.” This can be seen by going to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs website and reading what they give to Natives (and not anyone else, of course). Special privileges include everything from low-cost loans (for everything you can imagine) to scholarships.

In order to obtain these privileges, certain qualifications must be met—the criteria’s comparable to Nazi Germany. To qualify, you must prove you’re a “descendant of not-less-than-one-half part of the blood of the races inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands previous to 1778” according to the Hawaiian Home Commission Act.

Hawaiians have a bit of a hypocrisy streak, as they’re now suing the Trump administration for discrimination due to the revised, immigration, executive order Trump recently signed (which temporarily bans immigrants native to six terror-filled nations).

Apparently, it isn’t discriminatory to give special privileges to people based on the blood in their veins, but it is so when protecting your country from terrorists. Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin made complaints against Trump (they appear to be backfiring) by highlighting how Hawaii practices real discrimination.

“Contrary to Chin’s outrageous claim, Trump’s new order does not discriminate against anyone, whether based on race or religion. Although Chin accused the administration of issuing an order designed to divide people into ‘a superior race,’ it is Hawaii that blatantly discriminates to divide Hawaiian residents and create a ‘superior race’ of Hawaiians entitled to special loans, low cost housing, and other privileges.”

It was recently reported that Barack Obama had a secret trip to Hawaii 48 hours before the judge blocked Trump’s travel ban. Is there more at play with Hawaii’s ban than is being reported?


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