Hillary Clinton May Never Hold Office Again As Polls In NYC Mayor’s Race Reject Her

hillary clinton [Source: The Odyssey Online]
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Hillary Clinton must be the most hated woman in America. Throughout her presidential run, countless acts of corruption were brought to light. These instances added to her upset loss against Donald Trump.

She has been involved with politics for decades and danced with corruption for even longer. There is no arguing that Clinton’s incredible acts of negligence make her unfit to hold any form of public office.

From selling uranium to Russians to Benghazi, Clinton has an anything-but-excellent track record. After the presidential election, there were rumors she was thinking of running for mayor of New York City. However, it appears she is even strongly disliked in one of the most liberal cities in America.

Although Clinton’s political career seems grim, she has recently come forward to state she is looking to continue helping Barack Obama and the DNC. She had a drastic fall from steering one of the most powerful, political machines in recent history.

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t perform well in the latest poll in the New York City mayor’s race, according to a new Rasmussen poll released Tuesday.

Fifty-eight percent of likely voters in the city don’t want Clinton to run again, compared to just 23 percent of voters who wanted the former, presidential candidate to run. Nineteen percent of voters hadn’t yet made up their mind.”

It’s said if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere. Hopefully, this means Mrs. Clinton will never hold public office again.


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