Huffington Post Removes Article Admitting Trump Was Right About Sweden

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Liberal-media-leaguer Huffington Post hit a heavy bottom when caught in the act of removing an article from their site—one admitting Trump having a correct assessment of Sweden’s migrant issue.

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The article, “Trump Is Absolutely Right About Sweden,” was created by one of The Huff Post’s own—Norwegian Contributor Rene Zografos. His piece pontificated on Sweden’s “huge problems” mainly caused by their extremely liberal immigration policy.

The now-deleted-but-web-cached-article states, “It’s well known for Scandinavians and other Europeans that liberal immigration comes with drugs, rapes, gang wars, robbery and violence. Additional to that we see the respective nation’s cultures fading away—for good and for bad.”

Zografos went further on how almost instantly after President Trump publicly spoke on Sweden’s and Germany’s undocumented immigrants causing problems, chaos happened: “…there was a riot of violence and destruction by immigrants in the capitol of Sweden (Stockholm). The police [were] forced to shoot with ammunition to put an end to it. In Malmö (another city south in Sweden), they have struggle[d] with gang violence and lawlessness for years. So when Trump talk[ed] about Sweden hav[ing] an immigration problem, he is actually spot on.”

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[Riots in Stockholm, Sweden | Circa Feb. 20, 2017 | Photo: IBL/REX/Shutterstock]
Zografos elaborated on the European Union suffering immense problems presently and in the foreseeable future—rooted in their leaders formulating shoddy, immigration programs.

“UK, France and several other European countries are changing rapidly with extreme quantity of immigration. I’m not saying immigration is only bad, but a lot of problems come with poor immigration policy—as consequences, we get violence, terror and gangs.”

The HuffPo contributor wrote of politicians and the European mainstream/popular media struggling to provide simple truths and dismissing/conveying muted versions of big issues surrounding liberal, immigration policies.

And the proverbial fit hit the shan on social media—people were dumbfounded and shocked at the uber-left Huffington Post for running such sacrilegious news.

While this disbelief ran rampant, some were of the possibility that the publication was hacked—a conservative-slated piece on The Huff?? That’s why they deleted it—has to be…

However, there was HuffPo’s presto vanishio on the piece examining Hillary Clinton’s health issues:


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