Hundreds Of Companies Have Signed Up To Bid On Trump’s Wall

Trumps wall [Source: CNN]
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The bidding has started on the wall to border Mexico. Hundreds of companies have conveyed interest in the president’s “controversial.”  Trump’s wall was a big issue during his presidential campaign, and it appears he is following through on his promise of getting it built.

President Trump has taken many steps toward blocking unvetted refugees from the United States. Recently, he signed an executive order to put a temporary travel ban on immigrants arriving from six terror-filled nations. The order was his second attempt at blocking possible terrorists—after a federal judge halted the original ban. (The judge was a Bush appointee.)

Although the president is working hard to protect Americans, there are still many judges and lawmakers who don’t agree with having citizens’ best interests in mind. In fact, a lawmaker from San Francisco is “proposing a bill that would prohibit the city from doing business with companies working on the wall.”

“Companies are now submitting proposals to construct President Trump’s promised wall along the Mexican border.

About 500 companies signed up to bid, and designs are due to the Department of Homeland Security by next week, William La Jeunesse reported.

The White House has released preliminary guidelines for the wall, which must be 30-feet high while looking imposing from the Mexican side and aesthetically pleasing from the US.”

Although the president seems to have no shortage of powerful critics who work around the clock against his plans to seal off the US border, it looks like Trump’s wall is moving forward.


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