Illegal, Border Crossings Decrease By 40 Percent In Trump’s First Month, Report Says

illegal border crossings
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In President Trump’s first month in office, illegal border crossings have gone down 40 percent. This is according to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

“The drop in apprehensions shows a marked change in trends,” Kelly said on Wednesday. “Since the administration’s implementation of executive orders to enforce immigration laws, apprehensions and inadmissible activity is trending toward the lowest, monthly total in at least the last, five years.”

Kelly’s statement has been backed up by US Customs and Border Patrol. They reported the number of illegal, border crossings dropped from 31,578 to 18,762 persons.

This is great news for the Trump administration and its supporters.

Trump has been cracking down on illegal immigration from the moment he stepped into office. He signed an executive order increasing border security and authorized construction of the border wall. He has also stated he plans on hiring about 5,000 additional border-patrol officials and 10,000 ICE agents.

“We will remain vigilant to respond to any changes in these trends, as numbers of illegal crossings typically increase between March and May,” Kelly said. “However, the early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence matters and that comprehensive, immigration enforcement can make an impact.”

This is definitely a good start for Trump. Let’s hope that he can continue the good work all in the penultimate effort to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”


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