Intelligence Committee Chairman: No Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Campaign and Russia

[Source: BBC World News]
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House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Head Devin Nunes recently informed the media there was nothing found that proves there was collusion between Team Trump and Russia when the 2016, presidential election was occurring.

[House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Head Devin Nunes | Photo AP]
However, many in the US Intelligence community think the contrary—that Russia was somehow involved in terms of hacking in order to enable Donald Trump to win election against Hillary Clinton. But President Trump has dismissed the media’s accusations as “fake news.”

As the investigation progresses, Team Trump members Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former NSA Adviser Michael Flynn have been caught in the cross fire. Due to Democrats claiming Sessions wasn’t entirely honest when under oath at a January hearing entailing him having “no communications with Russians,” Sessions stepped away from FBI investigations. (It was later learned he and Moscow Ambassador Sergie Kislyak had a meeting at the time of the campaign in question.) Flynn was cut out of the picture via termination upon his unclear information pertaining to interactions with Kislyak—re: US sanctions.

When asked about Flynn’s name being illegally disclosed, Nunes explained that was the only transgression “that we know that’s been committed” thus far. While both House and Senate are still exploring the chance of Russian involvement with the 2016 election, the White House is having them look into President Trump’s claim of Obama wiretapping Team Trump’s phones.

[Video montage: courtesy of BBC World News]

While President Trump as strongly alluded otherwise, no wiretapping proof has been submitted yet—both Republican and Democratic officials are currently not entertaining the accusation. Nunes concurred with the senior officials (upon assessing DOJ documents) in terms of there not having been any tapping of the phone lines (without substantial proof).

It seems everyone’s simply waiting for President Trump (and/or whoever) to present this evidence folks have been claiming’s in existence.


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