Intruder Detained At White House After Jumping Fence

[White House fence | Source: San Diego Union Tribune]
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Many people surround President Trump, but not all have his best interests in mind. Those in the Washington “anti-Trump” movement include the Democrat majority, establishment Republicans and lots of Obama holdovers. There are people who could be called “intruders,” plotting against him while being so close to his administration.

While anti-Trump folks have not alluded to the president being assassinated, they are looking to take him out of power. It’s worth noting that Trump had a Secret Service member (whose job is to protect the president at all costs) say they wouldn’t take a bullet for him. She went on a far-left rant about how much she hates him. Secret Service Denver District Chief Kerry O’Grady made these horrifying statements and was eventually suspended over the comments.

It’s already hard for the president to trust those around him; he is a political outsider and doesn’t have any debt to special interests. The problem is he’s surrounded by those who owe special interests everything. Between the attacks from politicians and surprisingly hired help as well, who can Trump trust?

On top of internal, trust issues, there has been an actual intruder detained at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Recently, Jonathan T. Tran, a California man, somehow scaled the White House fence and made it to the south entrance of the executive residence before being captured. Tran had a backpack on his person.

“A man carrying a backpack was arrested Friday night after breaching security at the White House complex and was discovered by a Secret Service officer by the south entrance to the executive residence, officials said. The incident happened just before midnight while President Donald Trump was at the White House.”

[White House fence | Source: San Diego Union Tribune]
Tran had a California driver’s license and explained to Secret Service officers he “was there to see the president.”
It’s horrifying how someone could jump the fence at the White House and go undetected, while so many people have been threatening the life of our great president. Someone jumped the fence in the past during the Obama administration, but there wasn’t an incredible amount of people openly calling for his assassination.
Donald Trump cannot trust those around him to support his political agenda, but does this lack of trust extend to protecting his life? The next intruder detained could have something of actual danger…all because his security isn’t doing their job to properly protect him.

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