Irony: Mexico Mad That Returning Citizens Are Speaking English

mexicans return [Source: Washington Post]
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Mexico is preparing to accept a large amount of citizens back into their country due to President Trump expediting illegal-alien deportation. Although it was reported the president would be seeking to deport illegals with criminal records, many have no records at all. Every illegal is a target—as they should be.

In some cases, prior to deportation, Mexicans spent decades in the United States and were caught off guard when deported back to their native country. Although Trump is behind the recent push for deportations, it’s important to note many of these deportees were originally picked up during Obama’s administration.

The Mexican deportees will most likely have an impact on South America. They have lived in a foreign nation for so long they’ve been North Americanized. This is already being seen in an unbelievable, language barrier.

Upon returning to their homes, many illegals are said to be struggling with Spanish language. In an interview, Mexico City Labor Department Secretary Amalia Garcia said, “Many of these people come not knowing how to speak Spanish. … They come feeling very bitter, very ashamed and very hurt.”

“Then the men, who had spent as many as 20 years in the United States before being caught and held in detention for several weeks, walked out into a Mexico many of them barely remember, where job opportunities are scarce and worries about the worst inflation in a decade await them.

In the wake of new enforcement policies announced by the Trump administration recently that dramatically expand the pool of undocumented immigrants targeted for deportation, Mexico is bracing for an influx of men and women like them. Their arrival—along with a surge of undocumented immigrants leaving the United States voluntarily—promises to transform Mexican society in the same way their departure did.”

In an ironic twist, Mexico is upset over their people being unable to speak the language—a problem Americans have complained about, been called racists over in the past.


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