Japan Considering A Preemptive Strike On North Korea

north korea [Source: SportsGrid]
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Just days ago North Korea fired missiles at Japan then claimed target practice for attacking US bases. Not only is this bad news for Japan and North America but also the world. Are we looking at the start of a nuclear war?

Japan is within firing range of North Korea—a trigger-happy nation possessing nukes. The country is known for its forced cult-like “love” of their leader, countless human-rights violations and a starving population. There’s been no shortage of mind-controlling propaganda spread throughout the secluded nation.

Japan may have no other choice than to have a preemptive strike on North Korea due to the amount of vulnerable nuclear power plants within the island nation.

Fukushima’s power plant has regularly made headlines since 2011—a year entailing one of the worst, nuclear disasters the world has seen. The destruction was caused by a tsunami which followed the Tōhoku earthquake. Nuclear toxins spread so far as to increase radiation levels in California.

If Japan doesn’t act, it’s clear the US or another country will have to do something to stop North Korea. The world cannot deal with another Fukushima—especially not a nuclear war.

“North Korea fired four, ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan Monday, and three came within 200 miles of Japanese territory. After the test, Pyongyang announced that it was drilling to fire on American military bases in Japan. Open-source intelligence analysis suggests that the launch was a simulated attack on US Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni.

Japan is protected by Aegis destroyers and land-based Patriot-missile defense systems, and the installation of a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile shield in South Korea is expected to further improve Japan’s defense. The North’s latest provocations, however, have Japan considering that it might be better to aim for the archer than the arrows.”


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