Japan Ready To Protect Guam Against North Korean Attacks

[Onodera giving a speech at the Asian Affairs Research Council in Tokyo] [Source: Thomson Reuters]
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Japan says it’s ready to protect Guam, a United States territory, from North Korea. During a Japanese parliament meeting, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera announced that if the totalitarian regime strikes at Guam, Japan would be able to take action. He says his country’s military could easily take down North Korean missiles before they could reach Guam. The defense minister also made mention of a “mutual defense agreement” with the US.

Sources say North Korea has not been shy about “carefully examining” plans to shoot missiles at Guam.

According to Onodera, if North Korea were to create such a situation, Japan would be within its rights to activiate their Aegis destroyer defense system. As sources explain, in the past, Japan has maintained they’d only take action against North Korean missiles if they were directed towards their own country.

Last year, however, Japan drafted up a new policy which would allow its military to defend its allies (including US territories) should they come under attack.

Recently, President Trump stated that should North Korea choose to attack the US in any capacity, their threats would be met with “fire and fury.”

North Korean General Kim Rak Gyom took to the national media and responded to Trump, saying “Sound dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason who is going senile.” It’s no secret that tensions between the totalitarian regime and the United States have been on the rise in recent months.

In the mean time, Japan is looking to amp up their defense capabilities and prepare for potentil missile attacks.

While its not yet certain the enmity between the US and North Korea will come to nuclear blows, it’s clear President Trump and the Japanese Defense Ministry are ready to take a stand.


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