Jeff Sessions Asks Dozens of Obama Appointed US Attorneys To Submit Their Resignations

jeff sessions [Jeff Sessions | Source: National Review]
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President Donald Trump has been plagued by Obama holdovers who don’t believe in his message. These Obama loyalists will do anything in their power to undermine him.

The president has identified many of these Obama holdovers as the source of many leaks. They funneled classified information to the press in an attempt to bring problems to the new administration. There have already been many instances of what have been called “fake news” originating from these holdovers.

It’s a very strange phenomenon that so many Obama-appointed attorneys are still holding their positions. There are currently 46 US attorneys who are from the Obama era (out of the 93 US attorneys). In the past, former-administration US attorneys have all been replaced at the very beginning of new presidencies.

It’s no secret Democrats have been making it very difficult for President Trump to finalize his cabinet. Those against the president aren’t just limited to Democrats either. This could be seen in the lack of Republican support for Trump in the past.

Due to the holdup of roughly half the US attorneys still being from the Obama administration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called for them all to resign. It’s time to get things moving!

jeff sessions
[Jeff Sessions | Source: National Review]
“Sessions asked for the federal prosecutors to resign ‘in order to ensure a uniform transition,’ DOJ Spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said in a statement.

‘As was the case in prior transitions, many of the United States Attorneys nominated by the previous administration already have left the Department of Justice,’ the spokeswoman said.”

The faster Obama appointees and loyalists get out of their positions, the better things will be for the Trump administration. It’s hard to succeed when your own people are fighting against you.


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