Judge Won’t Hear Gay Adoptions Because It’s Not In A Child’s ‘Best Interest’.

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Is it in the best interest of a child to be adopted into a gay family? No matter how you answer this question you’ll be greatly criticized. But Judge W. Mitchell Nance doesn’t care about the critics. The Kentucky judge has publicly stated that he will not take part in any adoption cases where “homosexual parties” are involved. He strongly believes that it is not in the “best interest” of a child to be adopted into a gay family and he does not want to support it in any way.

But I think that even a liberal can respect Nance’s actions. According to a judicial ethics rules, a judge with personal “bias or prejudice” in a particular case must recuse oneself from such case. And Judge Nance has a very clear “bias or prejudice”. In a statement he made on Thursday he said that “under no circumstance” would “the best interest of the child be promoted by the adoption by a practicing homosexual.”

And since it is Kentucky law for gays to be allowed to adopt it’s only fair that Nance doesn’t get involved in the cases. Nance has gotten some support for his action. Martin Cothran, who is an analyst for the Family Foundation of Kentucky and a man against gay marriage, spoke in favor of Nance: “We fully support the decision of Judge Nance to recuse himself from these kinds of cases. If we are going to let liberal judges write their personal biases and prejudices into law, as we have done on issues of marriage and sexuality, then in the interest of fairness we are going to have to allow judges whose personal biases and prejudices are different to recuse themselves from such cases.”

But of course, many liberals from every corner of America are showing their displeasure at Nance’s words.

Dan Canon, a Louisville lawyer and avid gay-rights advocate said: “The bottom line is if this judge can’t fulfill his duties because of his personal biases, he should resign.”

Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign also expressed his displeasure saying: “If he can’t do the job, he shouldn’t have the job.”

Some are saying that Nance shouldn’t stop at just adoption cases but recuse himself from all cases involving “homosexual parties”.

Canon said: “It’s obviously better that the judge recuse himself from these cases rather than potentially wreck the lives of children who desperately need loving, adoptive parents. But it’s disturbing that this judge would cast aside everything we know about adoptions by same-sex couples to reach the patently false conclusion that such adoptions are not in the best interests of a child.”

It’s almost ironic that liberals believe that they support freedom when all they do is imprison the world with their ideologies. If a man is free to marry a man than a man should also be able to oppose it without being asked to resign from his job. Freedom right? Where do the limits of freedom end in the world of liberals?

Source: USA Today


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