Krauthammer: Obama Left Democrats Without A Message, Can’t “Unify Base”

mainstream media obama [Source: NPR]
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Charles Krauthammer is blaming Barack Obama for destroying the Democratic Party. The Fox News contributor didn’t hold back as he explained that the democrats can’t win anymore because they no longer have an “ideological center.”

Krauthammer cited Bernie Sanders–who will be 78-years old–as arguably the most popular democrat. All the leadership in the party is very old, and–as Krauthammer explained–they have no young blood to inherit the party.

It’s hard to argue that Krauthammer is wrong about the lack of leadership. The democrats do have a message; they’re now a far-left party who fights against reality. In fact, many believe that Donald Trump won the presidency not just because of the appealing “outsider” status he had, but because he was the one person who fought against the corrupt attacks on freedom of speech. These attacks were pushed by democrats (and supported by the Republican establishment.)

Krauthammer acknowledged that democrats do still enjoy support from the left, but that they are so far-left that they can only win in “university towns and some cities.” Lets face it, college campuses and many cities are full of far-left indoctrinated individuals who will always vote democrat. Now, the only problem is the rest of the population–who can’t take the party seriously.

Democrats don’t have an ideological center, and they don’t appeal to the majority of Americans. It’s undeniable that Barack Obama’s administration was far-left, and that the democrats went far to the left as a party during Obama’s presidency.

Can the democrats ever win again after the severe damage to the party done by the Obama administration?



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