Payback: Labor Commissioner Who Previously Gave Christian Bakers $135,000 Fine Loses Election

[Source: Breitbart]
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Is the age of political correctness finally coming to an end? For Oregon’s Brad Avakian, at least, that seems to be the case. Avakian, the state’s Labor Commissioner, has made waves in the past for his actions against businesses that allegedly discriminated against gays and trans individuals. In today’s world, acts of so-called “discrimination” often seem to be punished more heavily than severe crime. This was seen when the left openly turned against innocent christian bakers for refusing to bake a gay weddings cake.

Avakian has become known for his unyielding stance against what he views as discrimination, and is the man who made national news for slapping the christian bakery with an order to pay $135,000 to a gay couple for “emotional damages.”

It seems that the constituents of the state of Oregon have become sick of political correctness by not voting for Avakian by refusing to support him in his recent bid for Secretary of State. Avakian’s conservative opponent, Dennis Richardson, won 48 percent of the popular vote and defeated Avakian by over 100,000 votes.

While running for Secretary of State, Avakian promised to push for progessive values like “wage equality” and “reproductive freedoms,” while Richardson ran on a platform that promised to adhere to the position’s more conventional roles–like officiating elections and auditing public records.

In other words, Richardson seemed to want to maintain the limitations of a Secretary, while Avakian seemed to be looking to expand what the role actually encompassed by enabling himself to push a far-left agenda.

Perhaps after ruining businesses, like Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the people of Oregon decided that Avakian wasn’t worthy of the position–or the potential power it would come with.

Nonetheless, Richardson’s winning of Secretary of State is remarkable. Sources have reported that, “The victory makes Richardson the first Republican to win a statewide office in Oregon since 2002.”

Are we reaching the end of political correctness?



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