Liberal, California College Wants Whites To Pay Minorities For “Emotional Labor”

liberal california college wants whites money [Source: CNN]
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Liberal colleges across the nation have turned into indoctrination houses that only believe in free speech if you’re willing to say what they want to hear. Republicans and conservatives have been demeaned by not just students but also professors for many years. Right-wing college students are suffering across the nation; you’ll never find rational behavior anywhere near a liberal, California college.

Students cannot be guaranteed safety on American campuses if they want to host a conservative speaker—something the world saw with the recent UC Berkeley protests.

Many, conservative students are forced to remove themselves from political conversation—they are scared for their safety. Common sense isn’t common place anymore in these broken institutions. In some colleges’ cases, they can  no longer be described as places of higher learning.

[Video: courtesy of The Pitt Maverick]

Safe spaces” are shrinking for collegiate, Trump supporters. Now, if Claremont (CA)-based Scripps College gets their way, all white people (even liberals) can now join in on the persecuted—another issue coming out of yet another liberal, California college.

Liberal, California College wants whites to pay for ’emotional labor’

Scripps College, resident assistants want white people to pay for “emotional labor.” Somehow, this ideology of “managing feelings and expressions to fulfill the emotional requirements of a job” has transitioned into academia. They’ve even revised the definition (as per Wikipedia).

“Could I have Googled the answer but I chose not to? Do I find myself in a situation where people of color from a marginalized group are educating me? What power dynamics are at play? Do I find myself getting defensive? Are people telling me I’m causing them emotional labor?”

The message ends with suggestions that white students should pay compensation, educate themselves with ethnic-studies classes, join social-justice communities and “take ownership for the harm you caused.”

[“Educational” posters donned around Scripps College—one for whites and another for “people of color and marginalized backgrounds.” | Photo: courtesy of the Claremont Independent]
It appears things continue to spiral out of control at colleges. If you don’t agree, you should probably check your white privilege.


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