Liberal-Hollywood Actress Claims London Terror “Set Up” By President Trump

[Patricia Arquette | Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images]
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There must be a lot of politically limber people out there, as a lot of intense reaching’s going on—especially in Hollywood. The conspiracy-theory epidemic has infected the entertainment world, as celebrities have connected dots not even in the same hemisphere.

These fear-filled actors/actresses vowed to extricate themselves from the US if Trump won the presidential election, but they’re still here upon his being voted commander in chief. Rather than leave their cushy lifestyles, movie stars have made videos of themselves standing on proverbial soapboxes, telling the country to oppose President Trump however and whenever possible. Recently, Patricia Arquette has been at the Twitter podium:

[Source: Twitter/Patricia Arquette]

Arquette believes Team Trump orchestrated the unfortunate event that went down in London. She thinks this was a Kansas City Shuffle to prevent North America from realizing it had been duped via the Trump-Russia ordeal.  (That was almost too ridiculous to report.) More, her claim is ultimately apathetic toward victims of the incident.

Had Arquette suffered a loss as a result of the terrorism, it would be understandable for her to post about it (in a factual way). However, she’s seemingly using the horrific event as personal, cannon fodder for attacking Team Trump. America is balking at Hollywood due to this selfish, career-promoting conspiracy-theory plague affecting famous folks.

Further, that has to be one of the biggest reaches… Second, the Trump-Russia ordeal has been officially disproved—no legitimate evidence was found. The slightest Russian connection was the short-lived internship of President Trump’s campaign chairman, who fiscally burned a Russian billionaire—but the president fired him.

However, movie celebrities are seemingly getting caught up in the drama of it all. They use said drama as a “spray and pray” tactic, hoping one or more of their conjecture-fueled accusations are true. Not to doubt anyone’s intuition, but remember, actors/actresses are paid to be dramatic—they’re good at convincing infinitely many people their behavior is sincere.

When a US ally is attacked, our citizens should show sympathy and heart. It is basically self-serving behavior to personalize international atrocities in an attempt to denigrate a US president who is working hard to battle foreign enemies. Keep succeeding in the acting world, Hollywood—let the politicians, academics and other, relevant professionals handle international affairs and all they encompass.


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