More Lies? Rice, Obama Admin Claimed They Made Assad “Purge” Chemical Weapons Stockpile

susan rice [Source: ABC News]
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Assad’s recent chemical weapons attack on innocent Syrians has forced the US to respond by destroying the airfield where the weapons are believed to have originated. The action by Trump’s White House as caused many on the right to abandon their support for Donald Trump. The President has said in the past that he wasn’t looking to get into a war in the region, and now is going against his prior public stances.

Americans–and the world–are shocked over the quick escalation that could end in war. Violence isn’t just feared as happening between the US and Syria, but also between the US and Russia.

Russia has recently said that there would be “negative consequences” if the US were to carry out military strikes on Syria. Where do we go from here?

Now, attention is being turned to Susan Rice and Obama’s former White House due to their past claims that they has a “success” in Syria by having them give up their chemical weapons stockpile–an obvious lie.

As reported, “During an interview this past January with National Public Radio, former National Security Adviser Rice touted the “success” in Syria, in striking a deal with Russia’s help that resulted in the prior administration dropping the threat of military action.

“We were able to find a solution that didn’t necessitate the use of force that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria, in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished,” she boasted. “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.”

Rice has come under fire for making misleading comments in the past. Most recently, she grabbed headlines for allegedly being tied to allegations of improper surveillance of the Trump team prior to his inauguration.”

Is Syria stockpiling even more chemical weapons that the US doesn’t know about?




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