How Long Would The US Military Last In A War Against The Rest Of The World?

US Military
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America has a lot of enemies and a lot of allies. But if all of America’s allies and enemies decide to team up to wage war against Uncle Sam how long would the US Military last?

Actually, asking how long would the US Military last is the wrong question. The better question is, how long will the rest of the world’s military last?

America’s defense is so heavily bolstered that an all out attack from the rest of the world wouldn’t be enough to defeat the US military. The rest of the world may need help from Aliens.

Firstly, other countries won’t even be able to get to America’s shores because America’s Navy alone, which is “larger than the next 8 largest navies combined”, is nearly impenetrable by outside forces. It is the most technologically advanced Navy in the world. And this doesn’t even take the coast guards into account.

But what if the enemy decides to come from the sky? Bad idea as well! America also has the strongest airforce in the world which has approximately 14,000 planes and helicopters. That’s more airpower than the next 7 countries combined.

So, attacking America from the air and seas will be a complete failure. So this leaves only one option — a ground fight. And, well, that’s also a bad idea. Need I mention the 9000 tanks in the arsenal of the Army and Marine Corps and “the thousands of Stryker Anti-Tank Guided Missile vehicles, Apache and Cobra helicopters, and anti-tank missile teams” equipped with Javelins and TOW missiles.

America’s land machinery alone is enough to take out hoards of enemies without soldiers even having to take up arms.

But let’s say a handful of lucky enemy infantry is able to get past the onslaught of American tanks. I wouldn’t be celebrating just yet because these soldiers will then be sitting ducks for the most “technologically advanced” troops in the world. Not even dust or smoke could keep enemies out of sight because American troops now have technology that can see the enemy in the obscurest of circumstances. And then there is the technology that we don’t even know about. Area 51 might begin spitting out new technology like crazy!!!

And if the American troops on the ground aren’t enough, there will be a barrage of reinforcement coming in from the sky ready to dish out damage! But this is all before America even decides to launch their nuclear weapons.

According to We Are The Mighty: “Navy Trident missiles could be fired from submarines in the Gulf of Mexico to destroy units waiting for their turn to attack at the border.”

So, America may be slightly vulnerable fighting in other countries but if America rallies to defend its mainland then it is virtually impossible to penetrate. Most countries won’t even be able to get past the NAVY. And you know that nuke North Korea is planning to launch towards America? Well, America could shoot that out of the sky before it even leaves the Korean Peninsula.

Check out the video below for a broader scope:

Source: We Are The Mighty


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