No, Don Lemon, Loretta Lynch Didn’t Recuse Herself From The Clinton-E-mail Scandal

Don Lemon made two false statements about Loretta Lynch
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CNN’s Don Lemon, in a recent panel discussion, made two completely false statements about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The first one was Loretta Lynch recused herself last year from the federal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private-e-mail server. The other was Lynch and Clinton meeting on a tarmac as Clinton’s email were being reviewed by Federal agents.

The exact words Don Lemon said on CNN Wednesday were: “Loretta Lynch recused herself from any decision regarding Hillary Clinton because of that meeting of Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch, who was attorney general at the time, on the tarmac.”

The CNN panel all nodded their heads and ignored the false statements at first. Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash was the first to correct Lemon. She said: “Loretta Lynch, she did say she wouldn’t be involved in the decisions but didn’t completely remove herself from the investigation, which could be an example of why [the Trump White House] potentially need to do it differently this time.”

Lemon corrected himself.

Lemon then said: “Yeah, I may have misspoken. I meant Bill Clinton on the tarmac.”

Bash added, “No, you’re right. You were absolutely right.”

Let’s clear the misconceptions about Lynch. Firstly, Lynch did not meet with Hilary Clinton on a tarmac during the email-server investigation; she met with Former President Bill Clinton.

Lynch also did not formally recuse herself from the investigation. According to the Washington Examiner, she said only that she’d accept whatever the FBI recommended.


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