Macron: Trump “Listened to Me” On Climate Change

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President Donald Trump may have very different opinions from French President Emmanuel Macron, but he is still humble enough to listen to opposing views.

When Trump and Macron met last week, they talked about a lot of important issues, including the controversial Climate Change Agreement. While Trump pulled America out of the agreement a couple weeks ago, he still paid attention to what Macron had to say about it and took everything into consideration.

Macron even believes he actually caused the President of the United States to change his mind about climate change, but that has yet to be determined.

“Donald Trump listened to me. He understood the reason for my position, notably the link between climate change and terrorism.” Macron said in a recent interview with the French media. “He said he would try to find a solution in the coming months. We spoke in detail about what could allow him to return to the Paris deal,” Macron added.

Macron believes he and Trump now have a “better, intimate knowledge of each other”.

Trump is still very firm in his stance against the Paris Climate Agreement and doesn’t seem to have any plans of rejoining. He told Macron that “if it happens, that will be wonderful; and if it doesn’t, that will be OK too.”

Trump may never decide to rejoin America with the Paris agreement, but Macron is confident “Donald Trump left having a better image of France than upon his arrival.”

The relationship between the US and France may not be rocky as we may have thought.


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