Mainstream Media Admits Obama Sabotaged Trump’s White House Transition

mainstream media obama [Source: NPR]
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Trump has been having a rough transition into the White House. There have been many theories including one entailing that before Obama left office, he worked to undermine the forthcoming president. These theories are now being proven as true by a very unlikely, recently shady source—the New York Times. Is the mainstream media finally coming to the president’s aid?

There have been rampant problems surrounding Trump’s transition. Obama-administration holdovers haven’t just been plotted against the president, they’ve been succeeding. The president has even had to fire an acting attorney general. Trump also discovered Obama loyalists leaking classified information—let the man get his cabinet together.

Now, new revelations show Obama planned on saving classified information on Trump’s associates’ communication with Russia so they could eventually be released—all so the “information could be spread around like small town gossip.” It is without a doubt the recent attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a direct result of this information.

There hasn’t been significant issues between Trump’s associates and the Russians; the connections are just like the New York Times stated—just causing “gossip.” Ironically, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (prominent Democrats who were attacking Sessions) have been seen in embarrassing photos with Russian leaders. These photos have forced Americans to worry about the Democrats’ involvement with Russia. How will the mainstream media react to the Democrat-Russian connection?

“Intelligence agencies ramped up efforts to convert raw intelligence gathered on Trump advisers into information that could be used by analysts. The intelligence was also classified at relatively low levels ‘to ensure as wide a readership as possible across the government,’” according to The Times.

As more information is leaked about Obama’s plans to sabotage President Trump, consider the effects these Democrat-fueled conspiracies will have on the eventual mid-term elections.


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