Majority Of Americans Agree Democrats Are Promoting Violence—Survey Shows

[AntiFa squares off with Pro-Trumpers at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, CA. | Photo: Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group]
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With the swell of violence rising in the United States, is anyone really surprised to learn the majority of citizens believe Democrats are primarily to blame? Considering that many times conservatives are targeted for acts of violence—such as the attempted assassinations of Republican Congressmen during a recent baseball practice—it really isn’t that surprising at all.

A recent, CBS News-conducted survey revealed some shocking statistics on the political turmoil in America and who Americans believe is responsible for the growing amounts of violence in our country.

As sources say, “The poll found that 68 percent of the public believe that since President Trump took office, the tone and civility of the political debate has declined. An even greater number, 73 percent believe that the harsh, political rhetoric coming from the mouths of Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton and other major figures are encouraging violence.”

Almost three-quarters of polled people believe Democrat figureheads are adding fuel to the flames of aggression and hostility here in the United States. Isn’t that something?

Left-wing violence seems to get brushed aside often, but it is no-less subversive. Look no further than this season’s Democratic National Committee’s so-called “Resistance Summer” for proof of that. The left is literally refusing to accept their losses to Republicans in the White House and across the nation. Rather than realize they are losing ground, the DNC is planning to spark more “activism” (if you can really call it that) and “resistance” across the United States.

Minnesota Representative and DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison has even praised Resistance Summer as the beginning of the “party’s efforts to organize the resistance movement into a larger, political force,” as sources put it.

People are waking up to the left wing’s violent rhetoric—there’s no doubt about that—but will it be enough to combat what’s going on in the political landscape?


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