Majority Of Americans Support Trump’s Five-Year Immigrant Welfare Ban

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President Trump recently proposed that immigrants who have been in the US for five years or less should be barred from receiving welfare—and his idea is receiving tremendous support, according to new survey data. Fresh polling data from Rasmussen shows that 62 percent of would-be voters supported Trump’s five-year ban on benefits for immigrants. America’s middle-class showed even stronger support, with 72 percent saying they approved of the five-year welfare ban.

Overall, Trump’s latest proposals regarding immigration seem to have hit home for middle-class citizens making between $30,000 and $50,000 per year. For example, 80 percent of middle-class Americans supported a plan which would require those attempting to get welfare benefits to verify that they are in the country legally. Across the board, 76 percent of likely voters said they supported that idea and just 17 percent did not. Making sure that illegal immigrants can’t gain access to public welfare, which is supported by tax-payer dollars, clearly is something a majority of Americans would approve of. Additionally, 45 percent of voters said that they also approved of Trump’s proposed merit-based legal immigration system, which would be quite a change.

Sources also say that “more than 60 percent of likely midterm voters said they wanted to see a reduction in legal immigration to the U.S., opposing the yearly 1.5 million legal immigrant-level that is currently in place,” according to a recent poll out of Missouri.

Immigration and the issues surrounding it have been hot topics as of late and it’s clear that many Americans are ready for a change. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” mantra helped garner him support across the country and many people are hoping he will deliver on this front. Will the five-year welfare ban for immigrants, along with other proposed restrictions help achieve this goal? Many Americans certainly think so, given these high approval ratings. Whether or not some (or all) of these proposals make it to paper, a majority of Americans seem to be willing to stand behind them.


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