Make America Safe Again: Trump Signs New Travel Ban

make america safe again [Source: Forbes]
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President Trump just signed an executive order that resembles the recent highly publicized temporary ban on Muslim-majority countries (that Democrats had mislabeled as a “Muslim ban” for political reasons). The president was forced to create a new order to stop unvetted terror-filled-nations refugees from flooding into the United States. Trump appears to be hoping to “make America Safe again.”

Trump’s previous order had been halted by activist judges who were more interested in playing political games than keeping Americans safe. It was even blocked when the president attempted to overturn the decision. Luckily, the new ban has been signed by Trump and is reported to begin on March 16th.

A noticeable difference in the new ban is that its guidelines are much more specific on mentioning the national-security basis for its existence. Instead of seven countries, the new ban has six (Iraq was taken off of the list). The executive order suspends issuing new visas from the nations listed, which are Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Travel is also temporarily banned for those without valid visas from these countries.

Some specifics on changes with the new order:

What changed in the new order:

  • Iraq removed from list of countries on the travel ban
  • Applies only to non-visa holders (anyone with a valid or multi-entry visa is exempt from the new order)
  • Will not go into effect until March 16 to avoid chaos
  • Exceptions for religious minorities removed

What remains from the previous order:

  • Refugee-resettlement program banned for 120 days
  • Travel ban for citizens of some countries in effect for 90 days
  • Cap on refugee resettlement for fiscal year 2017 plummets from 110,000 to 50,000

Let’s hope Trump’s new travel ban is successful and that he will be finally supported in his efforts to make America safe again.


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