Man Says He Was Denied Service, Asked To Leave NYC Bar Over Pro-Trump Hat

trump hat [Source: CBS Local]
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The news has been highlighting controversial lawsuits regarding private businesses refusing to serve those whose beliefs they disagree with. One instance happened between a lesbian couple and a bakery. The business refused to bake a “Gay wedding” cake—a liberal judge fined them for $135,000. The couple ran a Christian bakery, but it didn’t matter—the left is out to destroy whoever doesn’t agree with them. Recently, a man said a bar denied him service and asked him to leave because of his pro-Trump hat.

The left appears to be getting a taste of their own medicine, as the man is suing the aforementioned, drinking establishment. It is yet to be seen if a judge will take the case seriously in liberal New York City—after all, the left protects their own. Whether lefty, lush house will have to dish out money to the man or not, the entire nation’s focused on this injustice. What happens when the left’s own policies are used against them? We will soon find out.

“Greg Piatek says in the lawsuit that he and his friends were initially served drinks at The Happiest Hour on Jan. 28. But he says once a bartender noticed his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, he asked Piatek if it was ‘a joke.’ He says a second round of drinks was ‘slammed’ down on the bar.

The suit claims a manager later asked Piatek to leave, saying he was told by the bar owner that ‘anyone who supports Trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here.’”

The outcome of Sweet Cakes Bakery is unfortunate. They went out of business—even after their advocates donated $500,000 to fight the insane anti-Christian, anti-free-speech laws in Oregon. Is there about to be one less bar in NYC?


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